Fred Briscoe

The language of sculpting


My earliest sculptures were 3D realizations of my fairly detailed drawings.


This approach led to developing a personal language and evolved into a more direct process where I entered into a dialogue with the stone with no preconceived direction, only to speak this language through this rock.


This method is most akin to play- free-spirited exploring form, wherever it leads; like a child digging tunnels or building castles in the sand.


Beauty matters, classical elements are significant components of this language: line, curve, edge, proportion, negative space, texture. How they some to be in a new unique combination, that is my fun, my joy.


On a good day, that joy is shared.


Taken in by the sure physicality of shaping stone- the head-heart-hand connection- and the idea of exploring form in the abstract, each new stone is a new adventure, unfettered and unattached to known form…